Friel, Janette

FRIEL, Janette, D.V.M

1940 - 2022

Janette lived a vibrant and full life defined by generosity, principle and fun. She was the founding owner of Inman Animal Hospital on Dekalb Avenue in Inman Park. After retiring, she moved to Eugene, OR.

Janette suffered a stroke followed by seizures which caused memory loss and cognitive decline. Faced with the loss of autonomy and self-identity due to dementia, Janette chose to go to Switzerland to end her life under their "Death with Dignity".

On August 4, 2022, Janette died a peaceful voluntary assisted death accompanied by her spouse, Nancy, and dear friend, Rhonda. She is greatly missed.

If you wish to honor her memory, here are a few of the organizations she supported:

Freedom from Religion:

Atlanta Humane Society:

Food for Lane County: