DiCristina, Humbert

DICRISTINA, Jr., Humbert

Humbert William DiCristina, Jr., passed away on Saturday, August 28, 2021 from severe dementia due to Alzheimer's. Bill was born in Atlanta in 1932, son to Humbert William DiCristina Sr. and his wife, Carol Moncrief. He was an only child.

Bill attended Georgia Tech High School (now Midtown High School) before matriculating to The Baylor School in Chattanooga and Georgia Tech. Tech was an extremely important source of pride for Bill as well as a source for several life-long friendships. He played football for Bobby Dodd and was a brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. He studied Business and graduated in 1955.

He spent a few years working for IBM before finding his calling in financial services. During this time, he met his wife, Gloria, a flight attendant for Delta Airlines, during a flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee. Engaged after just three months of courtship, they enjoyed a marriage of over fiftyeight years and raised three sons: David of Avondale Estates, Georgia, Wade of Woodstock, Georgia and Cary of Decatur, Georgia. (Frustratingly, none of his sons attended Georgia Tech despite constant cajoling, negotiations, and ultimately threats.)

Bill enjoyed great success as a broker, working for Kidder Peabody, Bear Sterns, Alex Brown and Sons, and Jefferies' and Company, where he earned many awards. A fierce Georgia Tech fan, Bill was known to Coaches and Athletic Directors alike due to his financial support, as well as his tendency to fire off a letter or two suggesting improvements to the football program.

Bill was a perfectionist at heart, and golf was a passion that seduced and dismayed him. Never happy with his swing, he spent many years deconstructing and rebuilding his swing...sometimes successfully, but never longterm.

A people person with an infectious sense of humor, Bill would often hold court with one of his epic jokes or humorous anecdotes. Bill could befriend anyone.

Reflecting on his life, Bill said, "I've had the best life anyone could have. I've known guys five years older than me who never came back from D-Day. What do I have to complain about?"

Bill is survived by his three sons as well as five grandchildren: Gemma, Isabella, John David, Sophia and Ian.

A wake will be held in his honor on Friday, September 10, 4:00 PM at the home of David DiCristina.

Donations can be made in Bill's memory to the Alexander-Tharpe Fund or to the Alzheimer's Association online.