Broach, Raymond

BROACH, Raymond "Dudley"

Raymond "Dudley" Broach, 71, passed away peacefully at home on May 12, 2022, surrounded by his family.

Dudley was born on September 24, 1950 in Decatur, Georgia to Raymond A. and Elizabeth "Bette" Broach. He grew up in Atlanta and was a member of the Dykes High School class of 1968 and graduated in 1968 from Mount de Sales Academy in Macon, Georgia. He received a degree in business administration from Georgia State University. Dudley had a love of history, bridges, the "scenic route", politics, current events and was a voracious reader. His southern cooking was legendary and included pounds of butter and cheese. His Thanksgiving celebrations will be fondly remembered. He had a way of making every holiday a special event for his family. Dudley had a fun spirit and loved disco parties, dancing to Barry White and playing golf at the Atlanta Country Club. He enjoyed taking trips with his family, especially to the lake, beach and Vail, Colorado.

Dudley was a devoted father throughout his life to his four children with Nina W. Broach, Tiffany, Ashley, Lindsey and Zac. He spoke to each of them daily and knew their plans, their dreams and their friends as well as his own. He counseled and loved each of them individually, supporting all of their endeavors from childhood, through high school and college and continuing on through their careers. Dudley was truly beloved by all his family and friends.

His devotion to his children was matched only by the devotion he had for his seven grandchildren. Known as "Bud," he will forever be remembered as a strong, kind, loving, and supportive father and grandfather. His knowledge and guidance were the foundation of his family, and he played an especially important role in his grandchildren's lives. From birth, Dudley actively cared for each of his grandchildren and checked on them every single day. Bud was their favorite person to pick them up from carpool and always had each child's favorite snack waiting in the front seat. He watched every sporting event or recital they participated in and was a frequent presence at practices and games. He played golf with them, cooked stroganoff and spaghetti pie with them, blended his famous milkshakes on demand, let them stay up late and watch movies, fed them each their favorite meals and brought Gatorade, Saltines and chicken noodle soup to them when they were sick. Dudley actively cared for and encouraged his grandchildren. He helped them with sports, homework, and college applications, bringing his special brand of humor and fun-loving spirit to all their activities.

Dudley is survived by his children Tiffany Gough (Fraser), Ashley Bahin, Lindsey Broach (Edgard Cabanillas), and Zachary Broach (Laura); his beloved grandchildren Harrison, Charlie, Caroline, Bo, Whit, and Bess; his siblings Stephen Broach (Gayle), Ellen Broach, Leslie Willingham, and Laura Broach (Peter Levine); and his partner Francisca Cabrera. He was predeceased by his grandson Webber Bennett Broach and his parents.

The funeral will be a private service for immediate family members, with a reception from 4-6 PM for family and friends on Saturday, May 21, 2022 at the home of Tiffany and Fraser Gough.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests tribute donations to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Foundation, supporting the PICU, in loving memory of Dudley Broach and Webber Bennett Broach. Gifts can be made online at, or mailed in: Attn: Latrice Clark Jordan, 1575 Northeast Expressway, Atlanta, GA 30329. For questions regarding the donation process, please call 404-785-7688.