Boles, Jackie

BOLES, Jackie Jackie was born to Hazel (Jensen) and John Miles on Feb. 9, 1932 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Jackie Boles was an esteemed faculty member in Georgia State University's Sociology Department for more than 35 years, rising to the rank of Professor and retiring with her appointment as Professor Emerita. She did it all, and with grace and understatement. Jackie was a first-rate scholar. She published over 40 articles in professional journals, wrote many chapters in edited volumes, and presented dozens of papers at national and regional meetings. Jackie was interested in people, especially people who engaged in unusual occupations and behaviors. She was a major contributor to the study of deviant occupations with her work on the lives of male, female, and transgender strippers, prostitutes, carnival workers, and gamblers, among others. She was curious about their lifestyle and subculture, but most of all she wanted to tell their stories from their perspective, with sympathy and understanding. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, together with Kirk Elifson, she received major grants from the CDC to study the epidemiological risk factors associated with HIV infection among male and female prostitutes. This project led to multiple publications, presentations, and provided a major direction for her research for years to come. Her final project was an in-depth study of people in show business, Life Upon the Wicked Stage: A Sociological Study of Entertainers (2012), with apicture of her husband in his stage costume on the cover. Jackie was such a gracious colleague that her co-authors and collaborators often became life-long friends.

Jackie Boles, a successful scholar, was a one-of-a-kind teacher who will be long remembered by colleagues in the GSU Sociology Department and by her legion of former students.

Jackie's laugh was unforgettable. It was a booming, heart-felt, and gleeful laugh that filled the largest lecture rooms and echoed across adjacent hallways to the absolute joy of all around her. She regularly taught classes on the topics of popular culture, work and employment, sex roles, and gays and lesbians in society. Generations of GSU students flocked to her classes as much to experience her warmth and engaging presence as to be fascinated by her first-hand accounts of the people she studied. Frequently her former students continued to visit her office and remained in close contact with her for years to come. The Sociology Department created the Jacqueline Boles Teaching Fellowship in 2000 in her honor, in appreciation of her distinguished academic career and genuine love of teaching. To quote one of its recipients, Jackie had the gift to "see the humanity in all people she met."

Jackie passed on December 06, 2020 and will be terribly missed by her surviving children, David, Dan, Robyn and Sarah, her 4 grandchildren and 2 greatgrandchildren.

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