Bixby High School in Bixby, Oklahoma, is requiring students to take drug tests before they are eligible for parking permits.

Oklahoma high school to require drug tests for parking permits

The school district officials reportedly announced in an email this week that they believe parking on school property is a privilege, and they intend to implement a policy requiring all those seeking parking passes to first take a drug test.

School officials say the use of alcohol and drugs impairs students’ ability to operate vehicles in a safe and reasonable manner as they park on school property.

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Officials said the policy is not intended to be disciplinary in nature, and they do not plan to issue academic sanction solely for violation of the policy. However, they say students may be disciplined if a violation of the policy also results in other school district violations.

A first violation will reportedly result in a meeting with a parent or guardian, counseling and a 30-day parking pass revocation. Students will be able to shorten the revocation through additional counseling and activities.

The district says students and parents will have to sign a contract concerning the policy before they are eligible for a parking permit.

District officials claim the change will not cost them money.

Students will be responsible for both purchasing the $20 parking permits and also paying $25 for a baseline drug test.

They may then be required to submit to random drug testing or testing due to “reasonable suspicion.” The district says students’ initial drug test payments will cover these additional tests.

School officials say students who register for a parking permit and fail to pay for both the permit and drug test before Sept. 1 will be subject to fines and towing for parking on campus.

Students can go to the school’s website to register and pay for the drug test, then sign up for a time to complete the test.

Those who take a baseline drug test for an extracurricular activity for the 2017-18 school year will not be required to take an additional test to park.