‘It’s okay to be white’ signs posted on Florida university’s campus

  • Chelsea Todaro
  • Palm Beach Post
3:23 p.m Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017 National/World News

Signs that read “It’s okay to be white” were posted around Florida Gulf Coast University’s campus overnight, stirring up conversation with students

Some students did not understand what the sign was for, while others feared it would trigger tensions, Fox 4 reports. 

A picture of the signs were posted to social media, showing two signs tapped to building doors. 

"They thought it was funny to just kind of put it up," one student said to Fox 4. "It wasn't supposed to mean anything," he added.

Other students felt the signs “struck a nerve” trying to separate people, Fox 4 reports.

A campus spokesperson said the signs have been taken down and it is not known who posted them. 

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