Man involved in $1,200 PayPal mistake hopes to inspire others

June 02, 2017
  • By Natalie Dreier, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

A Tacoma, Washington, man woke up last week to a $1,200 surprise in his PayPal account. 

Alan Trusler was trying to send his daughter the money as a birthday present via the online account using her cellphone number, but his daughter Melissa Trusler, was assigned Gerrell McAllister’s old number and McAllister never took his old phone number off his PayPal account, The Tacoma News Tribune reported

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As Melissa Truslertried to figure out what steps to take, McAllister had already decided to return the money. The time span in which the money was sent to the time it was returned to the Truslers was only 30 minutes, the paper reported

Melissa Trusler sent McAllister a thank-you note for his honesty.

He suggested that she could spread the word about who he is and why he did it, and she did, sharing his response on Facebook.

McAllister told the Tacoma News Tribune that he returned it, “because my mom taught me better than to take what isn’t rightfully mine. She taught me to always try my best to do the right thing even if no one’s watching ... a little thing called integrity.”

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