Uber Eats delivery driver accused of murder is being assaulted in jail, fiancee says

A former Uber Eats delivery driver accused of murder is now in more trouble.

Robert Bivines’ fiancee told Channel 2’s Tom Jones that Bivines was taken to the hospital after he was stabbed in the eye in jail.

The Fulton County Jail said Bivines and another inmate  initiated the fight. His fiance, Shannan Carwell, said he was defending himself after being threatened and called the Uber Killer.

“It's mentally breaking me down because hearing him cry and hearing him just try to make it,” Carwell said.

Bivines is accused of killing customer Ryan Thornton in February.

Carwell said Bivines’ notoriety could end up costing him his life as he sits in the Fulton County Jail.

“A lot of inmates in there know about this case,” Carwell said. “He's in fear of his life.”

Carwell said many of the inmates are threatening Bivines. She said that, on April 15, she heard an inmate threaten Bivines as she and Bivines talked on the phone.

“I heard the gentleman in the background yelling and screaming at Robert, that I'm going to get you,” Carwell said.

When Bivines and inmate Donato Brown got into a fight,  Brown stabbed Bivines in his left eyelid with a shank, according to Bivines.


Bivines was taken to the hospital. Brown had a swollen hand.

The Fulton County Jail said both men initiated the fight after a dispute over the phone.

“It can't be mutual if Mr. Bivines was the only one injured,” Bivines’ attorney, Jackie Patterson, said.
Patterson said Bivines is a high-profile client.

“When you're a high-profile defendant, you're subject to being attacked,” Patterson said.

That is why he thinks Bivines should be in protective custody. Because of the threats, Patterson has filed for a speedy trial.

“He feels like he's in there waiting to be seriously injured,” Patterson said.

Both Bivines and Brown were charged with fighting, which means their privileges will be taken away for 14 days.

The jail said inmates typically don't know about other inmates' charges and said Bivines' charges do not warrant protective custody.

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