Teen shot dead during botched DeKalb dirt bike sale

Teen shot dead during botched DeKalb dirt bike sale

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DeKalb jail
Ismail Omar Rahmaan

In a chaotic case, DeKalb County police say they found a missing teen lingering near the spot where another teen was shot to death on Saturday night.

Officers were called to Austin Oaks Apartments on Glenwood Road and found two men had been shot in a fight during an attempted dirt bike sale. 

Ismail Omar Rahmaan, 32, of Tucker told police he had advertised his Honda for $3,500 on the LetGo app but was robbed in the sale, the report said.

He said Quayveon Palmer, 19, of Decatur was shot while trying to take the bike. Palmer died and police said they instead charged Rahmaan with murder after determining he lied about how the fight transpired.

Police believe Rahmaan, who was shot in the leg, was the “primary aggressor” in the shooting, according to an arrest warrant.

While investigating, officers noticed a “juvenile suspect” try to take the dirt bike. Another witness had also seen him try to take a gun involved in the shooting, the report said.

The teen, whose exact age isn’t listed in the report, was detained and questioned. There had been a missing person’s report out on the teen issued by Fulton County officials. Police didn’t immediately reveal why he was believed to be at the scene.  

The boy was released to his mother.

Rahmaan was arrested Monday and remains held without bond a day later.

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