Snellville sign thefts point to politics as usual

With Election Day just a week away, Snellville has turned up the volume on political antics.

In the past two weeks, more than 50 signs for candidates running for City Council have been stolen from private properties, including residents' front yards, Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer said Monday.

The signs, lifted primarily in the south central areas of the city, were mostly for candidates Jackie O. Ginn, Barbara Bender and Tom Witts, Oberholtzer said.

"I know there was one sign that was stolen three times," said Bender, the incumbent for Post 4. "I think unfortunately this is the normal little petty stuff that goes on in any campaign. It's just ridiculous."

Bender is one of six candidates are vying for three seats.

Councilman Tod Warner called the thefts just politics as usual.

"It's to be expected," he said. "You're working with small-minded individuals."