Popular midtown Atlanta sushi restaurant fails health inspection


Popular midtown Atlanta sushi restaurant fails health inspection

UPDATE: The restaurant received a 100 upon reinspection.


The owner of a midtown Atlanta sushi restaurant decided to stop serving its popular lunch buffet after a failing health inspection.

The owner of Ru Sans at 1529 Piedmont Ave. told Channel 2’s Carol Sbarge he made the decision after getting a health inspection score of 58 on Sept. 15.

Violations included employees slicing fish for sushi rolls and slicing sushi rolls with bare hands, food items not held cold enough on the sushi buffet and no hand soap at the hand sink at the sushi bar.

The owner decided it is best now to just stick to customers ordering off the menu.


Customer Jeffrey Shirk says he’s very surprised the restaurant failed an inspection.

Shirk told Sbarge he’s eaten at that Ru Sans for years and never thought it was unsanitary.

Sbarge reported on two failing health inspections under the previous owner.

The last three health inspection scores have been very high, with a 99 earlier this year.

Last year, the restaurant had two inspections. It got a score of 98 and 90.

The owner told Sbarge his restaurant is clean and well-run.

Shirk says he’s confident the restaurant will do well on the reinspection this month and plans to keep eating there.

We’ll keep you updated on the new score.

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