Man says girlfriend shot alleged home invaders in self-defense

Ashanti Dorsey is currently in jail on aggravated assault charges. Her boyfriend, Starrett Boynton, told Channel 2’s Lauren Pozen the same women who invaded their home had attacked Dorsey earlier in the day. 

“It gives me chills right now just sitting here telling the story and re-going through it,” Boynton said. 

He said police have it wrong when it comes to the shooting inside his home Monday night on Kimberly Mill. 

“She is locked up trying to defend herself,” Boynton said. 

Boynton told Pozen that he and his girlfriend were sleeping in their room late Monday afternoon. 

“I woke up to her screaming, ‘They in the house, they in the house.’ So, when I got up, the lady and her daughter was in the house, in the room,” Boynton said, walking Pozen through what happened.  

He said the women lived next door. One had a stick and hit Dorsey with it, while the other woman attacked her. 

“Ashanti made it to her firearm and she shot, but it was straight self-defense,” Boynton said.


He told Pozen that this was not Dorsey’s first run-in with the women. Boynton said earlier that day, the women attacked Dorsey on her front lawn. 

Boynton shared cellphone video he said shows the attack. 

“There it was seven or eight girls that just kept coming and beating on her,” Boynton said. 

It's unclear how the women got into his house, but he said the front door was locked. 

“All I know is they didn’t have no permission,” Boynton said.  

Boynton said he and Dorsey told police their account of what happened, but feels their voices are not being heard.  

“I think if you aren’t safe at home, where can you really be safe at?” Boynton said. 

Pozen checked with the South Fulton Police Department and they said there are no new updates on this case right now. 

Dorsey is set to go back in front of a judge later this month.