VA hospital doctor denies sexually assaulting patient

A Veteran Administration hospital doctor charged with sexually assaulting a female patient is claiming "absolute innocence."

Devashish Ray, of Alpharetta, was arraigned Wednesday on federal charges alleging that he sexually assaulted a female patient. He was also was charged with lying to federal investigators.

"Since 2005, [Ray] has earned an impeccable record providing needed medical treatment to hundreds of men and women from the armed services," his attorney, Peter Odom, said in a statement. "He is highly trained in internal medicine, has earned a position of leadership within his medical team at the VA, and is well respected by his staff and colleagues."

According to prosecutors, the victim, a veteran of the Armed Forces and a hemophiliac, first encountered Ray, 46, when she sought treatment for a sore hip. Contrary to hospital policy, Ray did not give the woman the option of requesting a female staff member during her physical examination. She said Ray ordered her to remove her blouse and bra and then groped her breasts with his bare hands. He then repeatedly tried to have her remove her pants so he could conduct a pap smear. She refused and, following the alleged assault, reported the incident.

Ray told federal investigators that he had only examined the victim's abdominal area. He's also alleged to have convinced a nurse at the hospital to tell investigators that she was present in the room at the time of the exam. She agreed, but in a subsequent interview, she acknowledged that she had lied due to the doctor's request.

Ray was released on bond following Wednesday's hearing.

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