Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said on Thursday U.S. plans to withdraw from Paris climate agreement was disappointing.
Photo: David Barnes/SPECIAL
Photo: David Barnes/SPECIAL

Atlanta Mayor Reed dismayed by reports that Trump plans to withdraw from climate agreement 

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed on Wednesday expressed disappointment at reports that President Donald Trump might withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement. 

Saying that the withdrawal would cause the nation to lose its role as a global leader, Reed said in a statement, “This decision isolates our country from international partners in shared, global efforts to curb climate change, and at its core is an assault on our future stability and prosperity.”

The White House had not officially announced its intentions by late Wednesday afternoon, but several news organizations reported that the president was favoring a withdrawal.

Reed, who is in the final year of his two terms as the city’s top leader, said he joined more than 100 mayors from across the globe two years ago in supporting the negotiations that led to the agreement. 

“President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry demonstrated genuine leadership as they committed the United States to actionable, meaningful and achievable goals to combat climate change and reduce harmful pollution,” Reed said

Reed said Atlanta would remain committed to the goals of the climate agreement, including efforts to reduce carbon emissions and finding clean energy solutions. 

>> For an explainer on the agreement and its significance, go here.


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