Meet our team

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has Georgia's largest and most experienced team covering the 2014 Legislature and state government.

Governor:  Greg Bluestein

House:  Aaron Gould Sheinin

Senate:  Kristina Torres

Investigations:  Chris Joyner and  James Salzer

General assignment:  Jaime Sarrio

Political Insider:  Jim Galloway



Transportation:  Andria Simmons

K-12 education:  Wayne Washington

Higher education:  Janel Davis

Health care:  Misty Williams

Immigration:  Jeremy Redmon

Legal issues:  Bill Rankin

Business/utilities:  Kristi Swartz

Local government issues:  April Hunt and  David Wickert

Photographer:  Brant Sanderlin

Government and Politics Editor:  Susan Abramson Potter

Investigative Editor:  Richard Halicks