Hurricane Irma: Do you live in a hurricane evacuation zone?


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Tornado watch issued for metro Atlanta, north Georgia

Hurricane Irma: Do you live in a hurricane evacuation zone?

Do you live in a hurricane evacuation zone? In Georgia, communities closest to the Atlantic coast are organized into evacuation zones based on the potential for flooding.

Decisions on actual evacuation orders are made by local and state officials. And the roads used for evacuation can sometimes change, based on the path of a hurricane or tropical storm.

Here are the Hurricane Evacuation Zones for the Georgia coast. Source: Georgia Hurricane Guide.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency’s website, says residents who live along the  coast, close to a river or an island waterway should stay alert for evacuation instructions in the event of a tropical storm. Mobile homes and high-rise buildings are especially at risk when high winds are expected.

The map on this page shows the location of potential Georgia evacuation zones. Updated information about evacuation routes is available on the Georgia DOT hurricane page. In the event of an evacuation, local radio stations, including Georgia Public Broadcasting stations, will offer latest updates. 

For smartphones, GEMA and Georgia511 both offer apps that can be helpful.

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