How to take a good photo from the Jackson Street Bridge

Updated Feb 13, 2015
Branden Camp
Sydney Lord, left, and her brother Sam Lord record video footage of the Atlanta skyline from the Jackson Street Bridge at sunset, Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015, in Atlanta. Experienced local photographers may consider the view from the bridge a little cliche, but that doesn’t stop them from returning to it for a better shot. (SPECIAL/BRANDEN CAMP)

Want to make the most of your visit to the Jackson Street Bridge? Here are some tips by Instagrammer Lauren Holley (@graphiknation) and AJC photographer Ben Gray (@PhotoBGray). Read our full story of the Jackson Street Bridge phenomenon here.

Getting there:  Here's a map. There is some street parking in the blocks near the bridge. Arrive early – on some nights the sunset attracts a crowd.

Safety first: The bridge has a low rail and there’s no fence, so don’t drop anything. Keep in mind that there’s traffic right behind you and that pedestrians will need room to get by.

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Tips for shooting outdoors:

Ideas for shots: The most dramatic sunsets often happen when a storm rolls through right before the sun goes down. Arrive early to experiment with different locations on the bridge. Think about ways to make your shot unique, maybe focusing on something in the foreground, such as a prop.

Setting up your shot: You’ll want a tripod for nighttime photography, including long-exposure shots with light trails. High traffic times yield better results (no cars equals no light trails). There is a row of lights down the middle of the freeway, so think about how you would incorporate them in your composition.

Camera phone tips:

SLR camera tips:

Other ideas: