Man in stolen DeKalb firefighter’s uniform called 911 after falling from tree, chief says

Conrad Sloane
Conrad Sloane

Credit: Channel 2 Action News

Credit: Channel 2 Action News

Cobb County 911 got an emergency call Friday night from an apparent DeKalb County firefighter after he fell more than 20 feet out of a tree.

When police arrived to help him, they said they didn’t find a firefighter — they found an impersonator.

Cobb County Fire Chief Randy Crider told Channel 2 Action News that Conrad Sloane, 22, of Powder Springs, had “stolen everything on him,” including a radio with access to police and fire information.

Sloane is accused of telling Cobb police repeatedly that he was an off-duty DeKalb firefighter while in the woods off Macland Road, Channel 2 reported. He was wearing a stolen uniform with an emergency medical technician’s patch on the sleeve and had a stolen radio, Crider said.

“He had all of the patches of that department’s logo and his EMT certification on the arm that represents whoever’s uniform he stole ... represents their skill set — their certification,” Crider said.


Crider told the news station he was especially disturbed by the stolen radio.

“If he were to make a false call to a certain area of the county, and a number of officers were to respond, that leaves that territory ... vulnerable,” Crider said. “And he could do something there that’s in violation of the law.”

DeKalb County Fire Capt. Dion Bentley told the department wasn’t aware of the stolen items until Cobb authorities told them. He said it was “probably lost, since normally radios don’t go missing.” He also confirmed that Sloane had no connection to the department.

Police told Channel 2 they don’t know why he was in the tree he fell from, but Sloane allegedly told them his drone was stuck. However, no drone was found.

Sloane faces felony charges of impersonating a firefighter and theft, according to Cobb County Jail records. He remains in the Cobb County Jail without bond.

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