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How to Know If You Should Be Tested for Coronavirus. As of March 12, the coronavirus has now infected over 130,000 people and killed 4,700 worldwide. The symptoms of COVID-19 can be similar to those of the common cold or flu. Symptoms that warrant further testing include shortness of breath, a high persistent fever, and being unable to eat or drink. . Difficulty breathing may be an indication of the virus, but not if it's attributed to heavy smoking or anxiety attacks. Age is also an important factor,

News of the coronavirus spreading throughout metro Atlanta and the world is changing daily.

The way we live and interact with friends, family and members of our community is being affected in ways we hadn’t anticipated just days before.


As a service to our community and to keep everyone informed on the latest details around the virus, we are providing complimentary access to the AJCePaper.

We understand how important it is for you to stay informed. Please invite your family, friends and neighbors to read today's complete newspaper online at AJC.com/epaper.

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During these trying times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution remains committed to serving the public and our readers by providing useful and fact-based information that will guide you as we face such uncertainty.

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