10 Least Expensive Major Cities


Regular monthly expenses cost American households an average of $22,667 each year, according to a new report. But the range above and below that average may be higher than you think.

Of the top 50 major cities, San Jose, California, comes in with the highest monthly tally: $3,151. That’s nearly 67% higher than the national monthly average: $1,889.

The household data come from the United States of Bill Pay: Top 50 U.S. Metros Household Spend Report 2021, the latest research from bill pay platform Doxo.

Are These Household Bills Eating Into Your Budget?

The report takes a deep dive into what it costs to live in 50 of the largest cities in America by analyzing the average spending for the following 10 household bills:

  • Mortgage
  • Rent
  • Auto Loan
  • Utilities
  • Auto Insurance
  • Cable & Internet & Phone
  • Health Insurance
  • Mobile Phone
  • Alarm & Security
  • Life Insurance

Let’s take a look at the least expensive cities according to the report from Doxo.

Percent of
Percent +/-
10. Oklahoma City$1,80236.8%-4.6%
9. Birmingham$1,79737.0%-4.9%
8. Cincinnati$1,78633.7%-5.5%
7. Memphis$1,77838.9%-5.9%
6. St. Louis$1,77732.9%-5.9%
5. Louisville$1,76135.3%-6.8%
4. Rochester$1,71134.1%-9.4%
3. Cleveland$1,70935.5%-9.5%
2. Pittsburgh$1,68933.7%-10.6%
1. Buffalo$1,60333.1%-15.1%

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How To Save on Household Bills

At Clark.com, we pride ourselves on finding ways for you to save money. Take a chunk out of some of those household expenses by putting these tips to work:

Save on Car Insurance

The first place you need to start when it comes to looking for ways to save on car insurance is to get rates from a wide array of different companies.

Once you comparison shop, you can quickly see which companies offer the best deal.

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Save on Utilities

When it comes to utilities, one way to lower your energy bill is to practice zoned heating. The process involves closing all of the doors and vents in rooms that aren’t being occupied. This will help to reduce wasted energy.

Another way to lower your power bill is to use LED lighting, which can save you $225 annually according to the Department of Energy.

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Save on Cable

Team Clark is big on cutting the cord. If you're paying $100 or more per month to watch your favorite movies and TV shows, taking a good look at the latest streaming options could save you hundreds of dollars a year.

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If you need help getting your bills in order, it starts with budgeting. Here's the CLARK Method to create a budget.

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