08.16.22 Best States to Start a Business / National Scandal: Military Ripoffs

The formation of new businesses is way up. Clark is a lifelong entrepreneur. America has the resources and our greatest wealth is within us. There are actually many conditions now favorable to entrepreneurship. Learn the best & worst states in the U.S. to start a business. AND – Military personnel in a war zone face danger everywhere they turn. Outside their stateside posts, they face financial landmines from rip off lenders, crooked car dealers, investment groups, and merchants (furniture, jewelry) through exploitive financing. They get ripped off like nobody else anywhere. Clark is enlisting your help to get the word out to protect our service members from financial predators.

  • Entrepreneurs: Segment 1
  • Ask Clark: Segment 2
  • WARNING: Military Ripoffs: Segment 3
  • Ask Clark: Segment 4

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