06.23.22 FRAUD ALERTS: Perpetual Sight Unseen Scams / Job Listing Scams

Puppy fraud was a constant during the pandemic and continues unabated. Google is going after these scamsters, but their efforts are a drop in the bucket. This scam has worked since the days of classified print ads. Now it's moved worldwide using fake pictures, akin to vacation rental & car scams. What you can't see, verify. Scammers also exploit job seekers online. Those 25 to 34 – digital natives – are most likely to trust a job listing. How the scam plays, and what to know to avoid job listing scam identity theft.

  • Perpetual Sight Unseen Scams: Segment 1
  • Ask Clark: Segment 2
  • Job Listing Scams: Segment 3
  • Ask Clark: Segment 4

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