05.26.21 Deadline for saving on streaming / Gangster Gambler Future Money – The upshot of cryptocurrency.

Deadline to Savings: June 8 – The video streaming world is in huge transition. Mergers signal industry consolidation. Philo – still the cheapest – is going up but Clark tells you how to avoid the price increase. See if Philo would work for you. //  Why does Clark call cryptocurrency fake? Clark describes cryptocurrency in theory vs  practice, the government restrictions and the fundamental value of electronic money. What to expect if you play in crypto today.
Ask Clark topics include: The New Washington State Long-Term Care Act – Coldstream Wealth Management – WA Cares Fund  / Long-Term Care Insurance / These Credit Cards Offer Car Rental Insurance Benefits / Mortgage Refinance Calculator / SIM Card Fraud & How to Stop It / Submit a complaint | Consumer Financial Protection Bureau / CarMax Review \

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