05.03.21 A shocking statistic about student loan forgiveness promised to our military. / 2 loopholes crooks crawl through to steal unemployment funds.

PROMISES BROKEN: One privilege of military service is student loan forgiveness. But the U.S. Dept of Education rejected 94%, just like public service loan forgiveness was largely rejected. This must be fixed. Congress talks a good game about valuing the military. The country must fulfill its promises to those who serve. / CRACKING THE CASE: How pandemic unemployment compensation has been looted, even from people who had their credit frozen, costing taxpayers $billions.
Ask Clark topics include: How to know if you qualify for student loan forgiveness / Booking a Trip For This Summer or Fall? Your Flights Will Change / How To Prevent, Report and Repair Identity Theft / 5 Sneaky Ways to Improve Your Credit Score \

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