Where can I find: Soft Scrub, dog door, pasteurized eggs


Where can I find: Soft Scrub, dog door, pasteurized eggs

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Soft Scrub is gentle enough to clean many surfaces without scratching.

Q: I need a replacement flap for my patio door dog door. I bought the dog door from Pet Doors USA, Inc. in Bradenton, FL., and have ordered a couple of replacement flaps since my original purchase. Now Pet Doors says it doesn’t carry the flap, and refers me to the manufacturer. The manufacturer has not responded. The flap I need is BQRF Patio LG. It is described as Ideal Patio and plastic replacement flap, large, 9 inches wide by 15 inches high. Can you help me? Thanks. Gary Lefmann, email

A: I found the Ideal replacement flap with your exact specifications online at www.dogdoors.com. The large dog door flap, BQRF Patio LG, costs $29. You can order online or call 800-749-9609.

Q: A long time ago, I used to buy Soft Scrub cleanser, which was mild and did not scratch sinks or tubs. Do they still make this item? If so, please let me know where I can purchase it. Thank you. Yvonne, Lithia Springs

A: Yvonne, yes, Soft Scrub gentle cleanser, a product of the Dial Corporation, is still around, and you have three formulas from which to choose. Soft Scrub all purpose, Soft Scrub with bleach and Soft Scrub Oxi are all available for $2.99 each at Target, 4125 Austell Road, Austell, 678-945-4550. They’re located on the bottom shelf on aisle A8.

Q: There’s a German salad dressing mix my mother-in-law used to use. It’s by Knorr, and was dill-flavored, but I don’t know the name of it. I do know that I can’t find it. I hope you can help with this. My husband would love to have this dressing on his favorite cucumber-and-tomato salad. Thanks. M. Smith, email

A: Knorr Dill-Herb salad dressing mix, also known as salat kronung dill-krauter, is a cinch to prepare. Simply combine three tablespoons each of water and oil — no vinegar necessary — with the mix. Ingredients include sugar, dill, parsley, chives, onion and turmeric. You’ll find a pack of five envelopes for $3.99 at Cost Plus World Market, 4733 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Dunwoody, 678-731-0014.

Q: I really enjoy your column. I hope you can help me find pasteurized eggs. I have used them for years in salad dressings that call for raw eggs. Davidson’s in the brand name that I bought in the past. I can find plenty of pasture-raised eggs, but none that are pasteurized. Thanks. Karen Mayne, Marietta

A: Thank you for reading, Karen. Davidson’s Safest Choice pasteurized eggs enjoy a water bath pasteurization process that reduces the risk of salmonella. The eggs can be used raw in dressings and sauces, and prepared as you would unpasteurized eggs. You’ll find cartons of one dozen Davidson’s eggs for $4.39 at Publix, 2500 Dallas Highway, Marietta, 770-426-3256.

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