Where can I find: Pickle Juice, Ovaltine, Tussy


Where can I find: Pickle Juice, Ovaltine, Tussy

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PJ Company pickle juice is formulated to help treat cramps.

Q: Due to my allergy, I cannot wear any type of deodorant other than Tussy. I have tried them all and instantly get a rash under my arm. Please help me find Tussy in a local store. I am currently purchasing it online from Amazon. Thank you and best regards. Willi McDowell, email

A: You didn’t say whether you used the Tussy roll-on anti-perspirant deodorant or the cream original fresh spice version, so I found a store that stocks both. You find them at Tuxedo Pharmacy, 164 W. Wieuca Road, Atlanta, 404-255-3022. The 1.70-ounce roll-on costs $3.99 and the 1.7-ounce cream is priced at $4.79.

Q: After a day’s golfing and other physical activities around the house, I develop leg cramps while lounging in my easy chair in the evening. I read about, and have tried, pickle juice to cure the cramps — and it works. But I cannot find just bottled pickle juice. Is there such a thing as bottled pickle juice without the pickles? Thanks in advance for your help. Bill Hahn, Statham

A: Bill, I have to admit that after reading your email, I was a bit confused. At first, I thought that you rubbed the pickle juice on your leg when you had cramps. It sounded like a messy, less-than-fragrant proposition. I then realized that you drank the juice. Happily for all concerned, the PJ Company makes a pickle juice sports drink specifically formulated to treat muscle cramps. According to the company, the briny sports drink could be more effective than traditional sports drinks or plain water to treat muscle cramps. Ingredients in the pickle juice are dual filtered water, vinegar, salt, natural dill flavor, potassium, zinc and vitamins C and E. It’s available at Academy Sports Store, 1585 Scenic Hwy., Snellville, 770-736-4009. There’s also an Academy Sports Store in Athens, which may be closer to you. A 16-ounce bottle of PJ Company pickle juice costs $1.99, and a six pack of 8-ounce bottles is priced at $7.99.

Q: I’m looking the old-fashioned chocolate Ovaltine that comes in a large red metal tin. This is the European formula, which has less sugar than the local version in the plastic jar. Please help, if you can. Thank you. Em Johnson, email.

A: You’ll find the red 42.3-ounce cans of chocolate malt Ovaltine for $15 at Super H Mart, 6035 Peachtree Road, Doraville, 770-986-2300. It sits on the bottom shelf in the coffee aisle, next to the tins of Cafe du Monde.

You can stop looking

If you wander over to the Alexia Foods website, you’ll be teased with images of crusty, golden dinner rolls. You can practically smell the aroma of the rosemary that flavors the artisan ciabatta rolls and, clearly, the garlicky baguette is begging to land next to your Sunday supper of spaghetti and meatballs. Don’t get me started on the possibilities for the Greek olive-and-herbs de Provence rolls. I feel your disappointment as you search local grocery freezers to no avail. While the breads are available to tease you on the company website, the harsh reality is that Alexia bread products have been discontinued, even though they live on in cyberspace.

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