This Alabama couple has the treehouse of our childhood dreams

Sept 12, 2018
  • By Libby Malinowski
  • Southern Living

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone in the South who didn't have dreams of a treehouse escape as a child. The ability to spend long afternoons among the treetops is something most of us longed for in our younger years, and for one Alabama couple, that dream became a reality with a little help from Animal Planet's hit show Treehouse Masters.

For each episode of the series, Treehouse Masters seeks out folks interested in living or working in tiny treetop hideaways with big personalities and endless charm. The show's host, Pete Nelson, affectionately known as the "tree whisperer", and his team of expert craftsmen and builders create breathtaking getaways in wooded locations around the country that will inspire you with their creativity and unexpected flair. After reaching out to Animal Planet with hopes of surprising her husband David with an escape of their own, Suzanne Brogdon did her best to convince Pete to bring his team to the gorgeous Alabama countryside for their next big project. Shortly thereafter, to Suzanne's utter delight, she and David were chosen by the network as the first Alabamians to receive the treehouse of their dreams.

Photo: Animal Planet

Located just outside of bustling Birmingham, Alabama, Chelsea is a town that Suzanne and David hold near and dear to their hearts. They call The Highlands, one of our very own Inspired Communities, their home, and they were thrilled to be able to have their fantasy getaway come to life in the very center of it. Originally a surprise for David from Suzanne, the treehouse is nothing short of a luxury wooded cabin, nestled high above the ground with breathtaking views of the Appalachians and all of the crisp moutain air that one could want.

In each episode of Treehouse Masters, the future owners of the home choose a theme, and David and Suzanne chose to draw inspiration from the James Bond film franchise, creating their very own lair that Bond himself would approve of. The hideaway is complete with a secret television masked as a mirror, a classic Smeg refrigerator donning the British flag, and even a hidden doorway leading to the master bedroom. In addition to building materials that were locally sourced from the Birmingham area, interiors for the treehouse include furnishings, custom draperies and bedding chosen by local designer Maria Wood of Maria Claire Designs Drapery Studio. Maria purchased the homes interior furniture and rugs from other local vendors, as well as the intricate tile and detailing in the homes’ powder room.

If you're anything like the rest of us and have ever daydreamed of a secluded hideaway, this episode of Treehouse Masters is not to be missed. Make sure to tune into Animal Planet on Wednesday, September 14th to see the Brogdon's new getaway magically come to life.