Georgia twins celebrate turning 102 years old

Imagine turning 102-years-old. Now, imagine the joy of reaching that milestone with a twin sister by your side.

That was exactly the case for Ann and Gussie Crumby, two Georgia twins, who celebrated their birthday —which is actually in May — this weekend with their families, sporting matching outfits, of course.  

"I don't even know I'm old. I think I'm still young," one sister quips, before the other chimes in, "I don't feel (any) different than I did when I was 101," in a news segment from WMAZ-TV, based in Macon, Georgia. Raised in Hancock County, Georgia, by their grandmother, the twins both worked as seamstresses, and while they went their separate ways for a period (Ann moved to New York, at one point), they've spent the bulk of their lives near each other.

Watch a sweet video clip of the sisters talking about their sisterhood, family, and upbringing below.

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