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Vegan brisket sparks major outrage from barbecue aficionados on Twitter

It all started innocently enough. Kevin Biegel posted a photo of his dinner on Twitter. The meal in question? Vegan brisket. The response it elicited? Eight hundred replies and counting. This vegan brisket sparked a massive debate, with numerous media outlets already picking up the story.

"Vegan brisket experiment was a success! 18 hour smoke over oak. Is it beef? Nope. But the taste/texture are pretty great," writes Biegel, a TV writer. "Mix of jackfruit, seitan, miso, beer, Franklin BBQ sauce made w extra sugar so it carmalized to a crust — and it did! Plus I don’t feel gross after eating it!"

Fiery replies ranged from "My ancestors didn’t fight to get to the top of the food chain to eat jackfruit and miso!" to "This is unamerican [sic]. Signed, #Texas," but many chimed in to back Biegel's efforts.

Interestingly, Biegel isn't a vegan, but after suffering from a heart attack over a decade ago, he cut back on his meat consumption on his cardiologists' advice. The recipe in question came from vegan food blog Veganosity, with some tweaks from Biegel, and was topped with sauce from Franklin Barbecue.

Regardless of which side of the cow you stand on in this heated Twitter dialogue, it's safe to say: We're mighty hungry for some brisket.

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