Here’s how many calories are in your glass of wine

Ever wonder what that glass of wine is costing your waistline? Without nutrition labels on most alcohol, many of us don’t notice how many calories we’re really consuming.

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But there is one indicator you can use to approximate calories: the Alcohol by Volume (ABV) percentage.

The ABV percentage for Zinfandel, for example, is 10 percent alcohol, which you’ll find on the bottle.

It’s important to note that a sweeter wine with low alcohol could have fewer calories than a high-alcohol dry wine. According to, that’s because residual sugar isn’t as concentrated as alcohol, at four calories per gram.

How to calculate approximately how many calories you’re drinking, according to the International Wine & Spirits Guild:

Dry wines (less than one percent residual sugars):

ABV percentage x number of ounces you’re consuming  x 1.6 = Calories

Off-dry wines (1-4 percent residual sugars):

ABV percentage x number of ounces you’re consuming  4 = Calories

Dessert, fortified wines (high sugar): 

ABV percentage x number of ounces you’re consuming  x 10 = Calories

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Here’s a breakdown of how many calories are in your average alcoholic beverage, according to the USDA and National Institutes of Health:

Lime and Strawberry margaritas at Tres Amigos in Monroe. GREG LYNCH / STAFF
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  • Red wine (5 oz.): 106 calories
  • White wine (5 oz.): 100 calories
  • Regular Budweiser beer (12 oz.): 143 calories
  • Bud Light beer (12 oz.): 110 calories
  • Margarita (4 oz.): 168 calories
  • Piña Colada (4.5 oz.): 245 calories
  • Champagne (4 oz.): 84 calories
  • Martini (2.25 oz.): 124 calories
  • Cosmopolitan (2.75 oz.) 146 calories
  • 80-proof spirits (gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, tequila — 1.5 oz.): 97 calories

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*Note that these are averages and the actual calorie content could vary depending on sugar and proof of your specific drink.

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