Halloween candy: How many miles to run at Piedmont Park to burn it off?


Halloween candy: How many miles to run at Piedmont Park to burn it off?

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Halloween candy can be hard to resist, so it pays to make some smart swaps to save a few calories.

Halloween candy can be a big temptation, whether you're raiding your child's Halloween bucket, eating leftover candy or stocking up on large bags because they're on sale. But exactly what does it take to burn off those extra calories? Here is an estimate of how much you'll have to run in Piedmont Park to make up for splurging. Make sure to add up the actual number of treats you eat, because who can eat just one fun-sized candy bar?

Estimates are based on a 150-pound person and use an online "calories burned" calculator:

A handful of candy corn: 98 calories – about .8 miles

Caramel apple: 360 calories – about 3.2 miles

Hershey's kiss: 22 calories each – about .2 miles

Hershey's miniature bars: average of 42 calories each – about .4 miles

Laffy Taffy: 53 calories – about 4.6 miles

Peanut M&Ms: 93 calories per fun-size bag – about .8 miles

Peeps: 16 calories – about .15 miles

Skittles fun size bag: 60 calories – about .5 miles

Snack-sized Reese's: 110 calories – about 1 mile

Snickers full size bar: 250 calories each – 2.2 miles

Snickers fun-size bar: 80 calories each – .7 miles

Snickers minis: 43 calories each – about .4 miles

Spree Candy: 60 calories – about .5 miles

SweeTARTS Chews: 50 calories – about .45 miles

Three Musketeer's minis: 26 calories – about .25 miles

Tootsie Roll Midgee: 23 calories – about .2 miles

You can save some calories and still indulge. The Mayo Clinic recommends the following tips for enjoying some Halloween treats without consuming too many calories:

Watch the candy, especially chocolate

Hard candies generally don't have as many calories as chocolate does. Usually they have 110 calories per ounce vs. 150 for chocolate.

Wait to buy Halloween candyWho hasn't bought Halloween candy and then started digging in days before the trick-or-treaters arrive? Wait to buy it until the day before Halloween, and don't pick your favorites. Sugar-free gum and small-sized bags of pretzels are good choices.

Consider other treats

If you're handing out treats, buy stickers or bags of Halloween-themed plastic rings or other non-candy items.

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