The ultimate list for Atlanta newcomers

There's more to Atlanta than peaches, traffic and "The Walking Dead."

Whether you're contemplating a move to Atlanta, already unpacking boxes or have lived here for years, this list should have you feeling like a native in no time flat.

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Things to know

• Atlanta tops list of  moving destinations: Find out why Atlanta was named No. 1, as well as the top reason to move there. [Read more]

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•  It's illegal for the chicken to cross the road, and 7 other bizarre Georgia laws: Yes, they're real. [Read more]

• 6 reasons Atlanta hates winter weather: Although winter weather in Atlanta has its charms, it's also terrible -- for the following reasons. [Read more]

• Atlanta tops list of nerdiest U.S. cities: If you're a nerd, you live in the right place. Atlanta tops a list of nerdiest big U.S. cities, and Marietta comes in at No. 1 on the list of nerdiest small cities. [Read more]

• 2015 best colleges in Ga.: The 2015 Niche Rankings graded more than 1,000 colleges and universities "based on more than 50 statistics and nearly 12 million ratings from 300,000 students." [Read more]

• 2015 list of 'most influential' Georgians: Georgia Trend has once again released its list of the 100 "most influential" Georgians, which once again includes return honorees and new faces. [Read more]

• Metro Atlanta's top public school districts: The Niche Rankings graded 8,738 school districts "based on dozens of key statistics and 4.6 million opinions from 280,000 students and parents." [Read more]

• Georgia home to one of the nation's poorest counties: South Georgia's Telfair County is the poorest county in the state and one of the poorest counties in the country. [Read more]

• 10 cities where African-Americans are doing the best financially: Atlanta tops Forbes magazine's list of cities where African-Americans are doing the best economically. [Read more]

• Atlanta drops in ranking of worst bed bug cities: Orkin's top 50 "ranks the cities by the number of bed bug treatments" performed by the company during the calendar year. [Read more]

• When it comes to disasters, Georgia's the safest place in the South: Georgia is the least disaster-prone state in the South, and one of the least disaster-prone places nationwide. [Read more]

• Five holiday gifts that say 'Georgia': Those of us who live here know what Atlanta and the surrounding areas have to offer. Why not share these treats and treasures with family and friends this holiday season? [Read more]

 Need work? These companies bring hundreds of jobs to Georgia: These companies are bringing hundreds of employment opportunities to Georgia in the coming months. [Read more]

Things to do

• 10 things every Atlanta resident should do: Museums, green spaces, shopping venues, restaurants, do you choose? [Read more]

 3 non-cheesy tours for residents: You've lived here a few years – maybe your whole life. When visitors come, you're the resident tour guide. You've seen it all! Or have you? [Read more]

• 5 dishes worth the drive to Buford Highway: From Vietnamese pho to authentic tacos, this 49-mile stretch of culinary bliss has it all. [Read more]

• 5 Black History Month landmarks on 1 tank of gas: You need not go far for a history-filled afternoon. [Read more]

 10 ways to play, eat and stay at CallawaySo many ways to reflect on the beauty of Callaway Gardens. [Read more]

 10 ways to see Atlanta skylineIf your perception of the Atlanta city skyline is merely the background noise to your crawling morning commute, then it's time you experience it in an entirely new way. [Read more]

 8 alternatives to tent campingCommuning with Mother Nature is always moving, but sleeping outside on the ground might not be so exciting. [Read more]

• 10 things you should NEVER do in Atlanta: Avoid some all-too-common mistakes and reveal when not to visit, where not to stay, and little-known or new places you shouldn't miss out on. [Read more]

• 5 Georgia sites where you can experience the Civil War: For those interested in Civil War education, we've rounded up a few sites around Georgia where you can learn more. [Read more]

• 9 things to eat, see, do in Atlanta with your parents: You want to show them around, but you have a limited amount of time. You need to hit the highlights. [Read more]

• 10 family-friendly restaurants: Foodie families rejoice! Atlanta's culinary scene recognizes that parents are looking for delicious eats, in an environment that works for kids. [Read more]

• 5 things that are (almost) free in Atlanta: Have some extra time on your hands? Unfortunately, more free time doesn't mean more money. Fear not -- we have you covered. [Read more]

• Two of 2015's best small towns are just a few hours away: If you prefer to spend your vacation somewhere smaller, you're in luck – two of's Best Small Towns 2015 are within four hours of Atlanta. [Read more]

• 10 weekend getaways for Atlanta families: While there is always much to do in Atlanta, sometimes you have to get away for the weekend. [Read more]

• 10 ways to enjoy Atlanta Parks: From craft shows to kayak tours, and tree climbing to archery lessons, here are 10 exciting ways to enjoy Georgia State Parks this winter. [Read more]

• 5 must-have memberships in Atlanta: Choosing where to drop membership dollars arouses confusion in even the most decisive residents. [Read more]

• 7 roadside attractions worth the effort: If you're keen on oddities, rarities and one-of-a-kinds then you'll want to pen an itinerary with the following Georgia treasures. [Read more]

• 5 easy hikes to Atlanta's hidden waterfalls: These trails are beginner friendly, family friendly and dog friendly — and all worthy of a picnic by the falls. [Read more]

Things to eat and drink

• 7 days of fried chicken in Atlanta: Atlanta is a town that loves its fried chicken. And every night of the week there's some fantastically juicy, crunchy and delicious fried bird to be found. [Read more]

• 5 legendary steakhouse side dishes: While food lovers across the nation often shortchange the ATL, there is one area where Atlanta always gets its due credit: steakhouses. [Read more]

•  6 ways to eat gourmet gluten-free in Atlanta: Atlantans with a gluten-free diet, whether by choice or because of allergies, now find it easier than ever to dine in the city. [Read more]

• Walk to these 6 restaurants from Piedmont Park: Nothing spoils the mood like having to pile in the car to find some mid-afternoon or evening delicacies and liquid libations. [Read more]

• 4 things you must taste, see and touch ITP Atlanta: From art that heals our community to waters that heal our bodies, here are four special Atlanta gems that you might not know exist. [Read more]

• 9 things to eat, see, do in Atlanta with your parents: You want to show them around, but you have a limited amount of time. You need to hit the highlights. [Read more]

 6 lobster rolls you'll be eating this summer: Sweet, fleshy lobster piled onto a toasted top-spit bun. Sounds like heaven. [Read more]

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