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Monsoon Floods Kill More Than 320 People in India Local officials in the southern Indian state of Kerala report the death toll to be 324. More than 223,000 people have been left homeless. They're now living in more than 1,500 emergency relief camps that have been set as a result of the disaster. Caused by seasonal monsoon weather, the flooding has been called the worst in 100 years. Pinarayi Vijayan, Kerala chief minister, via BBC Survivors of the flooding described waking up in the middle of night to se
Paul Mclennan, a survivor of abuse by a catholic priests discusses the larger issues at work in the church.
Tara Grinstead’s accused killers confessed in 2005, court documents claim Ryan Alexander Duke and Bo Dukes confessed to killing Tara Grinstead, court documents claim In 2005, they reportedly told friends at a party they had killed Grinstead and burned her body It was reported to police, court documents state, but the case remained cold until early 2017 Both Dukes and Duke were arrested and charged in 2017 No trial date has been announced for the case yet
Friend who found Bobbi Kristina unconscious also dead Max Lomas was found dead in Mississippi on Wednesday He likely died from a drug overdose, reports say He was the man who found Bobbi Kristina unconscious in a bathtub three years ago In 2016, Lomas told People he had lived with her and Nick Gordon on and off for weeks He also noted a lot of drugs, partying and fights
Tattoo artists from across the country converge on the downtown Sheraton Hotel for the 22nd annual Atlanta Tattoo Expo.The weekend event features live tattooing, competitions and the latest techniques and products.
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5 indicted for arson after posting video on social media, prosecutors say Collin Landon Gwinn, Bryan Thomas Libourel, Stone Lloyd Matheson, Brandon Andrew and Lanier Daniel Brookin have been indicted The men have been charged with first-degree arson and first-degree arson of lands The five were arrested after a cellphone video of a burning home began circulating online In the video, the men can be seen inside the home damaging windows with a chair They were also seen smoking cigarettes and drinking alcoho
Nikki Bryant, pharmacist and owner of Adams Family Pharmacy, explains how her pharmacy has worked to provide people who live in rural Georgia with medicine in Preston, Georgia on Wednesday, August 8.
Some Americans smell odors that aren’t there, study says National Institutes of Health researchers examined the prevalence of phantom odor perception They reviewed surveys completed by 7,417 participants over 40 years of age Analysts found that one in 15 Americans experience phantom odors They also discovered the ability to identify odors decreases with age On the other hand, phantom odor perception seems to improve with age The scientists do not  yet know the causes of phantom odor perception
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The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library is nearly $10 million in debt. The library took out a loan more than a decade ago to buy a collection of rare Lincoln artifacts. Private donors have paid off more than $13 million of the loan, but funding has waned in recent years. The library, which opened in 2005, has even started a GoFundMe page to save the collection. Once the loan is paid in full, the state of Illinois will become owner of the collection.
Jason Gaebel and Kwame Anderson had just delivered beer to a sports bar and decided to take a different route back. The two were crossing a bridge over Interstate 94 in St. Paul, Minnesota, when they spotted a man on the ledge. Gaebel began talking to the man, who said he was going to take his own life. The deliverymen called 911. Channeling Denzel Washington in the movie
Google Still Tracks Users With Location History Off Many users assume turning off Google’s Location History keeps activity private. According to the Associated Press, that’s not exactly the case. The tech giant confirmed to AP that it is still able to track users location even with the setting off. When the feature is off, Google can still track users by the minute. Such information includes remembering your home address and places visited. Any app activity can be used to track you. How do you actually st
The man who confessed to murdering, sexually assaulting woman is up for parole a seventh time.
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Photos: Station Soccer at West End Station The second location of Station Soccer, the soccer field within transit stations concept, will soon open at West End Station. Atlanta United, City of Atlanta, MARTA and Soccer in the Streets recently released renderings of the new soccer field. Station Soccer-West End will feature two new community pitches for soccer lovers of all ages. The innovative initiative seeks to bring soccer to communities without fields.
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