Best bets for seafood in Atlanta

Here are just a few of our favorite things that used to live in the sea Crawfish Shack Seafood - Fried Shrimp Kimball House - Oysters Kyma - Octopus The Optimist - Lobster Rolls

There's no doubt that Atlanta is absolutely fabulous. The only thing missing is a beach. Although we can't dip our toes in the sand and smell the salty air, we're not deprived of incredibly fresh seafood.

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From swimming in the ocean to our plate in under a day? Not only possible, but pretty easy to find here. So, where do we go when we need to get some fresh seafood? And what are we ordering when we get there?

Here are just a few of our favorite things that used to live in the sea.

Crawfish Shack Seafood - Fried Shrimp

4337 Buford Hwy NE #170, Atlanta. 404-329-1610.

It's no surprise that a Buford Highway spot would top our list. Crawfish Shack has been serving up top notch seafood for years. Their fried shrimp is some of the best that has ever graced a plate.

Sweet shrimp are coated in a light cornmeal and fried. What emerges is an incredibly non-greasy, and addiction inducing product. Get them tucked into a po'boy with lettuce, tomato and remoulade, or skip the bread and just eat the shrimp by the handful with a side of hush puppies.

The namesake crustacean is served at Crawfish Shack on Buford Highway.
The namesake crustacean is served at Crawfish Shack on Buford Highway.

Credit: Becky Stein

Credit: Becky Stein

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Kimball House - Oysters

303 E Howard Ave, Decatur. (404) 378-3502.

There's really no way you can talk about oysters in Atlanta without mentioning Decatur's Kimball House. Their oyster program is one of the best not only in Georgia but also in the entire country. Kimball House stacks their ever changing menu with a vast variety of these little treats.

You'll get some from the Gulf, as well as representatives from both coasts. And it won't even break your wallet to get 1 (or 2...or 4...) dozen. Head over for happy hour, Monday through Friday, 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. You'll find oysters starting near the $1 mark.

Kyma - Octopus

3085 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta. (404) 262-0702.

We are so beyond happy that octopus has crept its way onto Atlanta's menus in the last few years. No longer a dish that only the most daring at the table would try, it's now prominently there next to the scallops.

Buckhead's Kyma has been putting out one of Atlanta's best options for years. They are taking supremely fresh octopus and cooking it over an oak wood fire and serving it with marinated red onions and a red wine vinegar. Technically, it's a plate meant to share, but you'll probably want to get your own.

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The Optimist - Lobster Rolls

914 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta. (404) 477-6260.

There are plenty of wonderful lobster rolls in town, so we would be remiss if we left one off this list. If you're on the West Side, head straight to The Optimist for their lobster roll.

They are certainly doing New England proud at this Ford Fry outpost. Served the traditional way with mayo, celery salt and plenty of lemon juice, this will be your new go-to lunch spot in West Midtown.

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