This is Marie Kondo's favorite food storage container

Maybe you haven't jumped aboard the Marie Kondo home organization movement. The idea of cleaning the pantry or tossing out all yours 90s concert tees doesn't appeal to you right now. Finally emptying out the garage? No thanks. Or perhaps you've watched an episode or two of the organizational guru's new Netflix show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” and are ready to go all-in to tackling your household clutter.

Either way, starting your 2019 with a new set of Tupperware-style containers is a good move to promote your inner neat freak. As Kondo told Bon Appétit in a recent interview, "I use Noda Horo’s white porcelain containers with bamboo lids, which is popular in Japan. It makes it [look] much neater and easier to keep track. I always encourage my clients to keep the box part and the lids separate. The lids you can store standing upright, but the box should be stacked together. This way, you can maximize your storage space."

You can currently buy one of the containers on Amazon for $30.66. The gorgeous, lidded "butter cases" are so visually appealing, they also look great displayed on your counter to hold snacks or kitchen staples if you're not using them in the fridge.

Of course, buying an elegant set of containers isn't going to magically set you on a spree to clean out your entire house, but it may inspire you to clean out that long-neglected pantry, after all.

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