Flight attendant nails Britney Spears' 'Toxic' in viral video

Between long security linesTSA pat-downstiny seats, and basic economy class, air travel can be a bit of a nightmare. A flight attendant on Air Asia, though, may have found a way to improve the experience—Britney Spears.

Assraf Nasir, who works in the cabin crew for Air Asia, according to the Huffington Post, performed a perfect rendition of Spear’s pop hit, “Toxic”, on-board one of the Malaysia-based airline’s empty planes. In the video, shared to Twitter by Farhan Rzman recently, Nasir is seen in his star turn delivering a pure fire version of “Toxic.” Naisr’s sweet moves involve making that infamous call on the cabin intercom and pushing a drinks trolley down the aisle, while perfectly emulating the pop star.

Soon after the video was posted it started to go viral, spreading across the internet as people watched Nasir’s take. See the full video below.

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