An executive with Tyler Perry Studios said Thursday that the company plans to expand its operations in southwest Atlanta.
Photo: AJC File Photo
Photo: AJC File Photo

How to get a job at the Tyler Perry Studios

Tyler Perry Studios is now opened at the Fort McPherson site, which could mean the potential to bring thousands of jobs to Atlanta. But if you want to work there, you've got to follow some pretty specific directions to be considered.

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First off, there isn't a job board for the positions. Hopefuls are required to register with one of the following agences:

 Urban League of Greater Atlanta

Atlanta Workforce Development Agency (AWDA)

Georgia Film Academy 

Marinella Hume Casting

Trojan Labor Atlanta

Express Employment Professionals

Each of the companies will place your information into a system that allows those in charge of hiring to find you – if you fit the profile for what they happen to be searching for. The studio has quite a defined hiring process, and it varies depending on where you live Atlanta and metro communities.

An executive with Tyler Perry Studios said Thursday that the company plans to expand its operations in southwest Atlanta.
Photo: AJC File Photo

The best way to get started is to contact one of the six companies listed above and fill out the required paperwork. Also, complete any competency tests needed to get in the systems, so you're ready when the positions become available. For Atlanta residents, the AWDA will provide basic training, and there is the potential for childcare and transportation as well.

The Urban League is for all metro Atlanta residents, while the Georgia Film Academy helps with entry-level positions on set. For those interested in breaking into acting, the casting agency is the place to start. Trojan and Express are both standard staffing agencies, which place people in a variety of positions.

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Although the studio can be contacted by using a form on their website, they will not return requests for job information, and will direct you to one of the partnering companies.

According to the website for Tyler Perry Studios, they are seeking people "with a genuine passion for film and television. With our ever-expanding company we are always looking for talented and creative people to assist in bringing imagination to reality. If you want a career that inspires, work that expands your creativity, gives you the chance to live your passion, grow and evolve then come join our team."

There have been several positions already filled in construction and security work at the building that was once part of the now decommissioned Army base. Sitting about 10 minutes away from downtown Atlanta and the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, the studio sits on more than 30-acres, and will boast 12 sound stages, a post production facility, a 400-seat theater and a private screening room. It is the first major sound stage for major motion pictures on the East Coast.

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