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Erik Ainge mad that millionaire Derek Dooley lived in mansion while coaching Vols

Derek Dooley mansion
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Derek Dooleymade about $4 million in his two years as Tennessee's football coach. That's a lot of money, so it's no surprise that Dooley could afford to live in a mansion. Now that Dooley has moved on to the Dallas Cowboys after the Vols fired him (and bought him out for a $5 million) that mansion is listed for $2.9 million.

This all makes sense. But Erik Ainge, the former Vols quarterback and current UT radio guy, does not like that Dooley, a millionaire, lived in a house that a millionaire can afford while coaching the team. So this morning he tweeted:

If you dont hate Dooley yet, look at how he was living while sucking as the Head Football Coach at Tennessee #HateOn

This is confusing. Should Dooley's living quarters have been based on his success as football coach, as judged by Ainge? Win a big game and Ainge lets Dooley stay in the mansion, but lose and he's confined to the pool house? Would Ainge feel better about Dooley "sucking as the Head Football Coach at Tennessee" if he lived in a modest three-bedroom bungalow?

This is jealousy and envy on the part of Ainge, who called for Dooley's departure and got his wish.

There's some serious insecurity issues at play with people like Ainge, who take cheap shots at those above them in status. Unhappy with themselves, they take out their frustrations by ridiculing others. They mask their disappointment and bitterness with pithy putdowns and try to build themselves up by picking at the foibles of  those living better lives.

Why are you looking at The Hater like that?

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