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Remember that flag-stomping teacher? District paying him $85,000 to deter lawsuit.

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In January,we discussed what should happen to a South Carolina teacher who, attempting to make a vivid impression on students, stomped an American flag. The intent was to make students understand that America “is greater that the material objects that represent it," said the teacher's attorney.

Scott Compton, an honors English teacher at Chapin High in Chapin, S.C., tried to do so “using a powerful symbol with which all his students would be familiar,” the lawyer told the Columbia State at the time, adding, “He made only positive comments about America throughout the lesson.”

At the time, commenters on the blog were divided.

One military veteran commented: It is disappointing to see how many citizens do not understand the important lesson this teacher was teaching. As a veteran, I did not proudly serve to save a piece of cloth – but rather the country it represents – the best government in the history of mankind.

But a teacher commented: Good grief! Has he lost his mind? He should be removed from that school. He made a gross error in judgment. He needs to mature.

Compton is now collecting $85,000 from the district to ward off a lawsuit.

According to AJC.com:

The State newspaper obtained documents under the Freedom of Information Act that show Chapin High School teacher Scott Compton is being paid the settlement by Lexington-Richland District 5, in addition to his salary through June 7.

Compton resigned as part of the settlement after criticism about his actions last December. The documents also show that the school district will pay attorney fees of nearly $32,000 for Compton. The payments were not disclosed when Compton's resignation was announced March 27.

A school spokesman said Compton's lawyers had indicated they would file a complaint in federal court about school officials who sought his dismissal.


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