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Nick Saban admits not all Alabama scholarship offers are committable

Nick Saban-Mark Richt
Doug Benc / Getty Images

At the final of eight booster club appearances, Alabama coach Nick Saban was candid on a few recruiting topics.

Alabama’s scholarship offers at some positions, most notably quarterback, are non-committable and pending an evaluation at summer camp, reported al.com’s Mike Herndon. Alabama has non-committable "offers" out to two Georgia high school quarterbacks, Gainesville’s Deshaun Watson (committed to Clemson) and Pierce County’s Tyler Harris.

"It is our philosophy at certain positions that we really like to learn a lot about players and one of the best ways to learn about a player is when they come and visit you, because you're limited in terms of the contact you can have with them off-campus," Saban told the website.

"To get some of them to come here in the summer I think is a really big tool in evaluation as well as an opportunity to get to know guys, to see if they have the right character and attitude to fit in your program."

It’s common for colleges make non-committable scholarship "offers" to rising seniors that are pending an evaluation at summer camp – especially at the quarterback position. It’s just rare for a college coach, especially Saban, to publicly admit it because then it may cause confusion for other kids at other positions offered by the same college on whether or not they have a “true” or committable offer.

Saban was also asked about his opinion of high school all-star games: "I think it's great for the players to go do that. ... We don't think football's a dangerous game, so we don't worry about guys getting injured.  It does happen sometimes, but I think those kinds of opportunities, those kinds of experiences for young people help them mature and actually make them better players when they get to us."

Saban will likely draw some criticism for specifically saying “We don't think football's a dangerous game, so we don't worry about guys getting injured” for too many reasons to mention. In Saban’s defense, he was discussing it in the context of high school all-star game, but it was an interesting choice of words.

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