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Analyst: Chick-fil-A may beat McDonald's in U.S. sales


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Could Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A surpass McDonald’s in U.S. fast-food restaurant sales in the next decade? A Wall Street analyst’s report that such a threat exists is getting a lot of business media attention.

“If Chick-fil-A can add $6.3-$9.0 billion to its system-wide sales over the next 10 years, it is entirely possible that this will be similar to—or worst-case, from McDonald’s perspective—greater than the system-wide sales that McDonald’s can add to its domestic business over that same time,” writes Janney Montgomery Scott analyst Mark Kalinowski in a report picked up by multiple outlets.

Publicly-traded McDonald’s, the burger behemoth with $35.9 billion in U.S. sales last year at its more than 14,000 domestic locations, certainly remains the Goliath in the fast-food industry, compared with the seemingly Davidic privately held Chick-fil-A, which had sales of about $5 billion last year at its 1,775 locations.

But don’t let such a comparison fool you, Kalinowski suggests. He projects much larger gains  for Chick-fil-A than McDonald's in annualized unit growth and same-store sales between now and 2023, noting that the Atlanta-based chain known for closing on Sundays has nearly tripled its size since 2003

"While Chick-fil-A remains meaningfully smaller than McDonald's U.S. today, to the extent it could be ignored as a competitive threat ten years ago, we would argue that it can no longer be ignored as a long-term competitive threat today," Kalinowski writes.

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