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Is your job living up to your expectations?

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Ever felt like the new job you finally landed isn’t all that you thought it would be? You’re not alone, according to a new survey by Glassdoor.

Nearly two-thirds of 2,054 full- and part-time workers surveyed in March said the realities of their new job didn’t live up to the expectations discussed during the interview.

Around 40 percent said job responsibilities and morale weren’t what they’d expected, and 37 percent said the hours they were expected to work changed.

Thirty-six percent said their bosses’ personality wasn’t what they'd expected, and 27 percent said career advancement opportunities were different. In addition, 22 percent said the salary wasn’t what they expected.

Glassdoor says the results don’t reveal whether job realities were better or worse than expected, only that they were different.

Amanda Lachapelle, HR director at Glassdoor, said both employers and prospective employees have a responsibility when it comes to expectations.

“It is the responsibility of employers to provide information on key aspects of the job, company and its culture, and it is the responsibility of job seekers to know what they want in their next career move and seek out the information they need so that they have a realistic idea about what to expect,” Lachapelle said in releasing the survey.

Have you ever landed in a job that wasn’t what you bargained for? Is it your current position?

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