Sanders says its Super Bowl or Bust for Falcons

Deion Sanders

FLOWERY BRANCH – Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders believes that the Falcons are embarking on a “Super Bowl or Bust” mission this season.

“These guys are pretty much in a situation where it’s Super Bowl or not,” Sanders told Then Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  “That’s where they are. They have a quarterback that is stable. That’s poised. He’s a veteran. He received what he earned and I’m happy for him. I think for this team, it’s Super Bowl or bust and I think they can get there.”

Sanders had his youth football teams Truth from Dallas and the Atlanta Vikings at practice. They are set to play in a tournament in Buford on Saturday. Also, Sanders is set to host the Red and Black Gala at the Underground-Georgia Freight Depot on Sunday to raise funds for his youth programs.  

“It’s great to come back here,” Sanders said. “This is the most beautiful environments in the NFL. It’s unbelievable. I don’t know how someone could ever get up and not feel like coming to work. The ownership, from the GM, to all of the personnel up top, is unbelievable and that trickles down to the field.

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