Pac is back again: Hawks unveil new court (updated)


Pac is back again: Hawks unveil new court (updated)

The Hawks rebranding effort continued with the debut of new court and uniform designs Monday.

Yes, the Pac is back.

The team’s new secondary logo, a revision of the old Pac Man look, is now dominant at center court. The large white-and-red logo replaces the primary logo that had been the centerpiece of the court. The new secondary logo has been popular with the fan base and its use will likely grow in the future. It will eventually replace the current primary logo of the Hawk with spread wings.

“I was pretty excited to see it,” Al Horford said of the new logo at center court. “It’s pretty powerful. I like it.”

The court underwent several other revisions. The free-throw lanes have been painted bright red. The apron surrounding the court is blue. The apron displays “Atlanta Hawks” painted in white block-style letters with red trim along both baselines. The team web site address and Twitter and Instagram handles are painted along the baselines opposite the team benches.

Several players commented on the brightness of the new court.

“I kind of like it,” DeMarre Carroll said. “I didn’t know it was going to be that bright. Everybody likes the court. Now, we just have to break it in a little bit.”

The court redesign is the first since the 2007-08 season when the team unvieled the current primary logo.

The Pac Man logo will also appear on redesigned uniforms. On the home white uniform, the word Atlanta is across the chest, replacing the word Hawks. The Pac Man logo is featured on the bottom left leg of the shorts. The logo will also be on the blue road and red alternate uniform.

Each jersey will feature a gold tab in the neckline to honor the 1958 NBA Champion St. Louis Hawks.

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