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Curry’s coaching legacy not numbers driven

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Aug. 11, 2016
Jason Getz

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Georgia Tech (31-43-4)

1980: 1-9-1

1981: 1-10

1982: 6-5

1983: 3-8

1984: 6-4-1

1985: 9-2-1

1986: 5-5-1

Alabama (26-10)

1987: 7-5

1988: 9-3

1989: 10-2

Kentucky (26-52)

1990: 4-7

1991: 3-8

1992: 4-7

1993: 6-6

1994: 1-10

1995: 4-7

1996: 4-7

Georgia State (10-22)

2010: 6-5

2011: 3-8

2012: 1-9 (one game remaining)


Mike Riddle, Georgia State offensive line coach, played for Curry at Kentucky 1995-96: “He made me want to coach. You learn so much from playing football for him. There’s the quote that football is life marked off in 100 yards. No matter what happens, what the situation is, no matter the obstacles, you got to continue to fight. It’s never over until you quit.”

Mark Hogan, retired banker living in Charlotte, safety at Georgia Tech (1983-85) whose son was Curry’s first recruit at Georgia State: “I remember thinking (after Curry vowed to bring the cheaters in college football ‘to their knees’) why is he doing that? We need to sneak up on these guys; we don’t need to give them any fodder for their bulletin boards. But he saw something in us that we hadn’t quite seen in ourselves. We went out and backed it up.

“I knew playing for Coach Curry, my son would be looked at not as a just player but as a person, and I knew the lessons that would be instilled in him. I had great comfort in that.”

Michael Davis, current center at Georgia State: “As much as he wants to make us great football players, he wants to make us men, first and foremost. …The things he’s teaching us are priceless, things that will stick with me for the rest of my life. You’re going to face adversity in football; it’s a matter of how you rebound from those things. That’s one of the biggest lessons he’s taught us.”


Can Georgia State send Curry out with a victory? We chronicle his final game against Maine.

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