Soren’s saga ends; owl returns to Zoo Atlanta


Soren’s saga ends; owl returns to Zoo Atlanta

A wayward barn owl that’s been AWOL from Zoo Atlanta for nearly a week has been returned to the zoo.

Soren’s saga began Aug. 10 when he ran afoul of his trainers and flew away from the zoo during a flight demonstration.

On Friday, member’s of the zoo’s Bird Team responded to a call about a Soren sighting. The bird was positively identified due to the leather bands on his legs. He was found on a homeowner’s porch on Farrington Avenue about a half-mile from the zoo.

The Animal Management and Veterinary Teams conducted a full-body exam on the owl and found no signs of physical injury.

After stretching his wings, Soren may have been trying to make his way home. According to James Ballance, the Zoo’s Curator of Birds, the bird had lost weight, appeared to be hungry, and showed signs of dehydration, but staff is optimistic that he will recover normally.

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