George Zimmerman says he's homeless, suffers from PTSD

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George Zimmerman reportedly told a Spanish-language TV station Sunday he's homeless and struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder.

"The neighborhood watch volunteer fatally shot Trayvon Martin two years ago this month. In the interview, Zimmerman repeatedly declines to answer questions about the shooting, citing a still-pending federal civil rights investigation, " according to WPBF

Zimmerman also apparently says he's more than $2 million in debt and that he fears for his life — constantly wearing a bulletproof vest when he's out. (Via New York Daily News)

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The claims of debt are the same as what we heard back in November — much of it is apparently from legal fees. We've also heard Zimmerman say before he fears for his safety.  So — many are asking, why continue with these interviews?

Zimmerman also sat down for a one-on-one on CNN airing Monday. On Twitter, many argue Zimmerman should be kept out of the spotlight for Martins' family's sake. (Via NewsOneGlobal Grind)

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Since he was found  'not guilty' of murder in Martins' death last July, Zimmerman has stayed in the spotlight — for speeding tickets, domestic incidents and for selling his artwork online in an apparent effort to solve some of that debt.

Though Fox points out — "...  journalists interview bad guys all the time ... What should be judged ... is the quality of the interview and the toughness of the questions."

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