See how SeaWorld, zoos are preparing for Irma


See how SeaWorld, zoos are preparing for Irma

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Photo courtesy: SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment Inc.

SeaWorld Orlando and Central Florida zoos are taking precautions for their animals ahead of Hurricane Irma

Five Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins from a marine mammal organization in Duck Key were transported to SeaWorld Orlando. 

The male dolphins range in age from 13 to 43 years old and are expected to stay at SeaWorld Orlando until further notice. 

SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay closed Saturday and will remain closed through at least Monday.

"We have comprehensive weather preparedness plans, and security and zoological staff will remain on property in secure locations as we monitor the storm.

"We’re also providing support and temporary housing for animals from other zoological facilities in coastal areas expected to have greater impact. Guests are encouraged to check our websites and follow our social media channels for more updates," SeaWorld said in a statement. 

Brevard Zoo: 

Staff said they will secure animals in building or provide them access to shelter. 

A team of animal care and maintenance employees plan to ride out the storm at secure locations at the zoo

The zoo is closed through Monday and may reopen Tuesday. 

Central Florida Animal Reserve: 

"The Central Florida Animal Reserve has taken every precaution and is working with all the appropriate agencies to make sure our cats are safe as Hurricane Irma makes landfall into the Central Florida area. 

“Our new facility was built with hurricanes in mind and is capable to withstand 150 mph winds. We are taking every precaution that our cats and the public are safe during this storm,” said Dr. Simba Wiltz from the Central Florida Animal Reserve."

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