Anti-Trump protesters crowd downtown Atlanta streets

7:29 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016 Metro Atlanta / State news
Anti-Trump protesters gather at Piedmont Park. (Credit: Channel 2 Action News)

Protesters took to downtown Atlanta Wednesday night less than 24 hours after Donald Trump was announced President- elect. 

An event, “Atlanta Does Not Stand With Hate,” was planned for 7 p.m. Wednesday, but was later canceled due to the “unforeseen size of the gathering,” the event’s co-organizer Alex Espinosa said in a Facebook post.

“We are currently in a critical meeting to produce a more effective event in the near future,” Espinosa said. “We plan to update with the details of that event tomorrow.”

A separate group of protesters decided to meet in Piedmont Park and march through downtown before arriving at Philips Arena shouting anti-Trump sentiments. Roughly 400 people filled the streets as protesters mixed with fans leaving the Hawks game. 

"We are trying to bring awareness to the danger people are being put in with Donald Trump as president," 24-year-old protester Lilly Ware of Atlanta said.

Atlanta police spokesman Sgt. Lukasz Sajdak said officers are assisting with traffic and that protesters have been peaceful.  Atlanta police followed protesters near the Fox Theatre about 10:30 p.m.

"We will continue to monitor the protest to assure, as always, the safety of both them and the public," he said. One person, Alexis Mikayla Johnson, was ultimately arrested on a charge of pedestrian in the roadway. 

Small skirmish between protestor and man at anti Trump parade in front of Philips Arena in downtown Atlanta. (Video by Ben Brasch/AJC)

Protesters across the country began marching late Wednesday evening following the presidential election results. The protest lead to #TrumpProtest trending on Twitter. 

Trump edged out Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton with 279 electoral college votes in a surprising victory early Wednesday morning. 

Metro Atlantans leaned toward Hillary election, but Georgia, which traditionally leans Republican, went to Trump. 

Georgia State University student Ty Douglass, 21, expected Trump to win Georgia - but not the presidency. 

"I was surprised," he said. "I went to sleep, woke up and thought this was unreal." 

Douglass, who voted for a third party candidate said he came for two reasons: love and support. 

"There are some people who are currently living in a world where they think everything is against them," he said. 

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Protester Sidney Prescott, 26, said she was dissatisfied with the election results and believed Clinton should've won. 

"She was the most qualified to win and she was denied that right," she said.

Marchers were headed to Piedmont Park about 11 p.m. to close out their protest. 

Protesters march by CNN Center Wednesday night. They took to the streets in downtown Atlanta to protest the election of Donald Trump. MATT KEMPNER/MKEMPNER@AJC.COM

Staff writer Matt Kempner contributed to this article.