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Teen tells his story to inspire obese kids to get fit

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Tiger’s tips

1. Eating out, or on the go, can still be healthy. Instead of the whole foot-long submarine sandwich loaded with double meat and cheese, Tiger now orders 6-inch-long subs with grilled chicken. At home, he makes a quick breakfast by blending milk, banana and protein powder in the blender.

2. Learn your body’s hunger cues. Ask your body: Are you really hungry or bored and just want something to do?

3. It’s OK not to like all fruits and vegetables. Tiger said he will never like Brussels sprouts, but he added, “It’s cool to at least try everything.”

4. Go shopping with Mom and Dad. Read labels and help pick out ingredients and plan healthy meals.

5. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about doing just a little bit better each day than the day before.

For more information, go to www.TeamTiger.org

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